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ORTODON Herringbone-Foot (x2)

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ORTODON Puzzle mat “Herringbone-Foot”

Helps correct “clubfoot” deformity.
The mat consists of two surfaces: thorns, and the grass-trace. Mats “Herringbone-Foot” are assembled into a correctional pattern, so that the tracks are aligned in different directions forming a Christmas tree.
Stand on the trail correctly! First put a heel on the mat, then unfold the front of the foot to the outside. Next, the whole foot rises, keeping the knees straight.
Has a stimulating effect on the acupuncture points of the foot, which train you to correctly set the feet when standing and walking. Can be used for a gentle foot massage.
Walking and trampling on its surface has a relaxing effect.

Recommended for children from 1,5 years old and adults.


25 х 25 cm


Soft puzzles


"Ortodon", Russian Federation


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