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ORTOTO / ORTODON Little Island Soft

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ORTODON Massage Mat “Little Island Soft”

In the middle of the mat is a hemisphere – “island” – covered with massage spikes for the stimulation of plantar muscles. While standing on the work surface in the middle, it ideally repeats the arch of a healthy foot. While standing on the hemisphere with the both feet – feet shoulder-width apart, wrapping it on the sides with feet like the exercise “Pigeon-toed Teddy-Bear” – the pathological standing on the inner edge of foot at the strephexopodia is replaced with the opposite one with standing on the outer edges. The X-shaped in the knee legs become while standing on the hemisphere gradually O-shaped.

Exercises on the mat “Little Island” strengthen the muscles and ligaments of ankles and shins, stimulate the plantar muscles, activate plantar muscles, reduces fatigue and improves the blood circulation.

Purpose of the exercises: Prevention of flatfoot, correction of values deformity of the legs, development of the vestibular apparatus and improvement of coordination abilities.

Modular floor covering, not intended to be taken by mouth.


Soft puzzles


Bright green, Red, Turquoise


25 х 25 cm


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


"Ortodon", Russian Federation


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