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Ortoto Set “All In”

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“All In” set includes 12 puzzles:

Spikes (Soft)
Small Stones (Soft)
Stones (Soft)
Stones (Stiff)
Grass (Soft)
Grass (Stiff)
1xPinecones (Soft)
1xAcupuncture (Soft)
1xAcupuncture (Stiff)
1xAcorns (Stiff)
2xFir-Tree (Soft) (left + right)

This set is a perfect choice for a large family.
The use of the kit helps to strengthen foot muscles, prevents and corrects development of flatfoot. Additionally, by activating the reflexogenic zones it helps to reduce tiredness and improves general well-being.
The bright colours of the massage mats will turn the preventive and healing procedures into an entertaining game for the whole family.

Recommended age: from 2 years and adults.

Exercise guide is provided with sets of workouts developed by qualified and skilled orthopaedists and physiotherapists.

The photo has an informative character, each set is made up individually  and the colors may be different.

Modular floor covering, not intended to be taken by mouth.


The colors of the puzzles in the sets may differ from what you see in the picture.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

One puzzle size

25×25 cm

Swing type

"Ortodon", Russian Federation


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