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Ortoto Set “Antibacterial”

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Set “Antibacterial includes 8 puzzles:

2x Ice Pellets (Medium Stiff)
2x Grass (Medium Stiff)
2x Stones (Medium Stiff)
1x Little Island (Medium Stiff)
1x Spikes (Medium Stiff)

The modules of the “Antibacterial” set are made of MASFLEX TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material from the AMD line. This antimicrobial material containing silver ions provides a “protective” effect and prevents bacteria from lingering on the surface of the mats. Such antibacterial protection cannot be washed off or wiped off – it remains active for a long period (more than 5 years), and the antibacterial effect remains throughout the entire life of the product.

The use of puzzles helps to strengthen foot muscles, prevents and corrects development of flatfoot. Additionally, by activating the reflexogenic zones it helps to reduce tiredness and improves general well-being. Regular use of orto-puzzles helps to correct/prevent varus and valgus knee deformity in children’s feet.
Pastel colours of the massage mats will turn the preventive and healing procedures into an entertaining game for the whole family.

Recommended age: from 2 years and adults.

Exercise guide is provided with sets of workouts developed by qualified and skilled orthopaedists and physiotherapists.

Modular floor covering, not intended to be taken by mouth.

One puzzle size

25×25 cm


"Ortodon", Russian Federation


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