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Set ORTOTO “Nature Gifts”


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HERE IS YOUR TICKET TO CHILDHOOD! Remember,how you are waking up in the summer morning in the country house of your dear granny? It’s only 6 a.m., the sun rises, you are young and your life just began. After delicious breakfast (ohh, the smell of homemade pancakes, you feel it?), the energy overwhelms you, and it’s time for the adventures!

On the way to meet your friends, conquer sandy hills (looks like little pyramids) and run to the lake where you love to swim, fish and play the skipping stones. Feel the gentle touch of the stone bottom, morning dew on the grass and pleasant forest spikes on the spruce.

Enjoy your childhood weekends all around the year with Ortoto massage mats set “Nature Gifts”! The massage mats are manufactured by premium quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) BPA and Phthalate free which is:

+ Super durable
+ Easy-washable
+ Please for many years

ORTOTO massage mats:
+ Improve blood circulation,
+ Enhance imagination,
+ Promote flat-footedness correction,
+ Help to remove oedemas in legs,
+ Develop the vestibular system

Set “Nature Gifts” includes 8 puzzles:

2x “Grass” | Soft

2x “Stones” | Stiff

2x  “Spikes” | Soft

2x “Little Pyramids” | Soft

Recommended age: from 2 years

*The photo has an informative character, each set is made up individually and the colours may be different.


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