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ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set “All-In-One”

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Set includes 11 puzzle mats + 1 present best seller ORTOTO “Shining Sun” as a free gift.
The ORTOTO sensory puzzle mat set “All-In-One” is the perfect choice for those who want to experience all the benefits and sensations of different surfaces. This set includes both stiff and soft surfaces, allowing users to explore a variety of textures and sensations. Whether you’re looking for a tactile experience or want to improve your balance and coordination, these mats have got you covered.
  • Sensory Stimulation.
  • ⁠Improved Balance and Coordination.
  • ⁠Enhanced Tactile Perception.
  • Versatile Use.
  • Multi-Sensory Learning.
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation.
Provide a fun and engaging way to explore different surfaces and sensations, making them an excellent choice for individuals of all ages and abilities.
Set “All-In-One” includes 12 puzzles:
1x “Spikes” | Soft
1x “Spikes” | Stiff
1x “Grass” | Soft
1x “Shining Sun” | Stiff
1x “Little Pyramids” | Soft
1x “Little Pyramids” | Stiff
1x “Sandy Wave” | Stiff
1x “Pinecones” | Soft
1x “Pinecones” | Stiff
1x “Grand Canyon” | Soft
1x “Stones” | Stiff
1x “Lucky Paws” | Stiff
Puzzle mat size: 30×30 cm.
Made of certified high quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free).
Recommended age:
2 years +


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