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Set Ortonature “Soft Pastel”


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Sweet and super soft as candy clouds – Ortonature’s massage mats set “Soft Pastel” is a perfect catwalk for baby’s first steps. Pastel colours of crunchy eclairs from lavender fields, honey roasted nuts, and tender berries are pleasing to the eye (and improve appetite).

A wide range of mats textures and colours enhance imagination, improves blood circulation, promotes flat-footedness correction, helps to remove oedemas in legs and develops the vestibular system.

Set “Soft Pastel” includes 8 puzzles:

2x “Eclairs” | Soft

2x “Nuts” | Soft

2x  “Grass” | Soft

2x “Berries” | Soft

Size of each puzzle mat: 25×25 cm


Made of certified high quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free)

Recommended age:

from 1 year


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